Each day people all over the world are treating their cancer, diabetes and other illnesses with cannabis oil. Of the many many people who are using this medicine to treat themselves, only a few are brave enough to share their story with the world.  On this page I am collecting written and video testimonials from people who have treated themselves of anxiety, depression, ADHD, cancer, diabetes and any other sickness with cannabis oil.

The more patient testimonials I can provide, the more proof we have that of the power of cannabis oil as a medicine.  So if you or someone you know has used or is currently using cannabis oil please send me your story.  You can send a written or video testimonial and I will post it here. The more documentation that can be provided about the condition, diagnosis and treatment the better.  Just click the button below to send your story. We hope these testimonials can help someone.  All the stories below are real people who have treated their illnesses with cannabis oil. Good luck and God bless.

Aaron Fitzgerald

Hello, I have drank Revive Naturals CBD oil because I’ve been fighting anxiety and insomnia for my whole adult life, it has totally helped me. I am feeling so much better. After 1 week of the CBD Oil, I have seen the most amazing results not only have I been sleeping better, I am also doing my daily life without having a pain in my chest all the time. I can finally be a father and a husband to my wife and son. This totally works. Thank you Revive Natural so much.

Aaron Fitzgerald - 36, Dublin, Ireland

Easy to use website, fast replies from customer service, fast delivery, and well packaged. I bought the CBD oil for the sole purpose of anxiety issues - I refuse to take medication, but didn't want to smoke marijuana everyday. I noticed I'm not on edge as much, I'm not overthinking, and I'm just generally more chill. I wasn't expecting it to have such effect straight away but I'm glad it did - will continue to use to get its full effects. Thank you, much Love.


Helen Thessaloniki, Greece



I used this oil for my dog as he took a bad stroke. I found instantaneous results. I was so worried and the medication that had been given by the vet made him skinnier, and weak. After 2 weeks of taking Cbd oil this helped him, be a better dog. He can finally go out and play, he has more appetite. I am so happy this helped my dog.

Cookie San Francisco, Caifornia, USA

For 10 years I have been suffering with insomnia. I couldn’t sleep, and my appetite also disappeared. I take 5-7 drops every 3 hours. 3 times a day. It has made me feel a 100x times better. And I am also starting to see effects on my Hyperhidrosis. I have high levels of stress so this helps me calm down a lot.


Jacquelyn Fitzgerald Bordeaux, France

Jacquelyn Fitzgerald

Hugo And Sherry

Revive Natural is a superior product as compared to other CBD products. My wife and I both use the  (16%) CBD oil for pain relief. My wife had Cancer surgery and the CBD oil replaced the chemical pain reliever that had been given to her by the doctor. I also use it for my chronic neck and back pain. It really helped both of us.

Hugo And Sherry London, Edinburgh

I am 63 year old man battling cancer. I was diagnosed in 2009 after blacking out at work - and I was given a transplant in November that year. I was given all clear but then the disease came back in 2012 attacking the new organ I have been given. I was desperate, I started searching online and I found a lot of YouTube videos describing the use of cannabis oil as a cure. Because I didn’t live in the US and lived in Europe it was really hard to find. After just 3 days of taking the Revive Natural CBD oil my excruciating pain disappeared. I'm a normal happy/ healthy family man, not a druggie. I had a serious illness and this helped.


Holger Gerhardsson - 63, Gothenburg, Sweden

Holger Gerhardsson

Cecilia Alvarez

I bought Revive Naturals CBD oil for me and my 15 year old daughter.


I suffer from a lot anxiety and depression when I took the CBD oil they were both gone in less than a week I started seeing the craziest results. I am a completely different person.


My Daughter also suffers from anxiety, depression, and ADHD. She couldn’t study, stay focused or sleep!! Because of her depression she wanted to do so many things, but was depressed. She is so happy now, she is studying, staying focused, and she eats healthy… NO more junk food. She is a different person. I couldn’t thank Revive natural enough.


This oil has changed and saved me and my daughter’s lives.

Cecilia Alvarez 41, Torrevieja, Spain

I found my cat (Lucky) on the side of the road his eyes were swollen with green puss inside and he had blood and puss all over his mouth. I took him to the vet and he told me that the cat’s mouth is bleeding because someone had kicked him in the mouth… the kittens mouth was slit open. I gave him Revive Natural CBD drops every day and now he is fully recovered!!! Thank you Revive Natural for all the help.

Lucky - London, United Kingdom


Helen Bailey

After much research I found CBD Oil online at ReviveNatural.com which I can only describe as a landmark moment in my life. I've been using the oil for 5 months now and can honestly say that it has improved my quality of life immeasurably. I now sleep really well and I awake refreshed and alert, plus no anxiety anymore along with massively reduced levels of stress. But the best of all is that I'm now free of pain, what a wonderful feeling! I can't remember last when I felt so happy & healthy, my sores have healed and my IBS almost gone.
Also there have been Zero side effects and absolutely no intoxicated feelings, On the contrary I feel more sober than I've ever felt.

I've also been giving the oil to my 78 year old dad who has Alzheimer's disease and the difference in him has been amazing, he's much much happier and his dementia has not progressed at all since he's been taking the oil. The oil hasn't just improved our lives, it’s improved the lives of our loved ones too.

CBD Oil is a Godsend and will always play a huge part in my life.

Helen Bailey – 43, Brighton, United Kingdom

I ordered 2 bottles of this about 10 days ago. I suffer from an overactive bladder. IBS. Anxiety. And depression. I have suffered these things for decades but they got worse over the last 3 years after the death of my father from cancer. I cared for him and it had a massive impact on me watching him die. After counselling and a ridiculous amount of visits to the doctors, trying to get some sort of answers, or medicine for my problems, I began to research natural remedies instead after getting no joy through the normal channels. I came across CBD oil several weeks ago and decided to give it a go. Within 24 hours I felt different. Within 2 days my anxiety levels were virtually gone. Within a week I was off my acid reflux tablets, which I had been taking every day since Christmas. And day by day I have felt better and better.


I decided to give some to my 74 year old mother, who also suffers from anxiety and depression. Within days she said to me, ‘The water in my legs and feet has gone down.’ She has suffered water retention for years. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t expect that. Then she said she sleeps better and her moods have lightened. She looks like a different person, purely because the weight of anxiety and depression has lifted. All I can say is I am astounded at how well it is making my mother and myself feel. It has done something that no drug has managed to achieve. Happiness! I now find myself looking forward to my day, something that hasn’t happened for years. I also give it to my dog now for her skin complaint which she has steroids for. Hopefully it will sort that too.


For anyone reading this, I am just a customer. I have no affiliation to this company at all. But they deserve recognition for bringing this to market. And I hope this review will achieve that.


All the best. And thank you!

Caitlin Pearson - 39, Wicklow, Ireland

Caitlin Pearson

Jackie Hughes

I came across Revive Natural’s CBD oil through a friend of mine. I use it for anxiety and found that it does wonders in taking the edge off for me and making my days more manageable and brighter. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to try an alternative in helping one gain a bit of clarity in perspective. I take 2 - 3 drops in the morning and afternoon. I stopped taking drops in the evening because I found it to that it relaxes me. All the best. And thank you!

Jackie Hughes - 26, Galway, Ireland