Liam O’Connell

Liam O’Connell’s journey to finding the cure for cancer begun more than 30 years ago. In the summer of 1985 Liam was diagnosed with leukemia. Liam’s decision on how to handle this diagnosis would be world changing. After not having much luck with surgery and chemo Liam decided to try something different. He started researching about alternative methods to heal his disease when he discovered the power of CBD oil. He started with taking 3 drops of cannabis oil, 3 times daily. After 45 days his doctor at the mayo clinic could hardly believe what he saw. After Just 45 Days My Screen Showed he Was Cancer Free! It’s now been over 30 years since Liam began his organic cannabis farm and started to tell others that cannabis oil can help not only people who have cancer, but also a myriad of other diseases. Till today, Liam has helped and continue to help hundreds of thousands of people all over the world with his amazing oil not to mention the countless others who have been inspired by his story.




Revive Natural™ was created by Liam O’Connell almost 30 years ago. Today his team which is a group of highly motivated, skilled and health minded people who know that CBD, and CBD related products, can be a great source of increased health, vitality, and overall wellbeing in our lives, help him spread and distribute his oil to all the people who need it all over the world.

  Revive Natural™ made from only the finest domestically (EU) …

At Revive Natural we make everything in small batches by hand with extreme care and love.

Revive Natural are the oldest independent provider of LEGALLY GROWN ORGANIC HEMP CBD in Europe. Our primary mission is to bring high grade organic CBD oil and Hemp products to the people of Europe and all over the world. All the crops are grown under strict license from the relevant government department throughout the EU.

At Revive Natural we collaborate with biochemists and neuroscientists around the world and our oil quality is verified by GMP certification and third party laboratory testing. Revive Natural products are used by Hospitals, Practitioners & Therapists and the general public in Europe.

At Revive Natural we are not doctors and are not saying that any of our products can cure, prevent or diagnose and of these things, we believe in giving you the resources to come to your own conclusions.

We bring our love of CBD to you. Revive Natural is 100% CBD. 100% Organic. 100% Love.





At Revive Natural™ we are completely committed to bringing you the finest CBD products in the world. Our buying power and entrepreneurship assures you that the quality of our Revive Natural™ CBD products are of the highest standards and purity available on the market today. In fact, these are the very same products we use for ourselves and our families… and, it is our quest and our mission to make sure that the high standards of the Revive Natural™ brand is recognized globally as the number one trusted source in the industry.


  Customer support and satisfaction is vital to our calling and because of this we practice a standard of operation that is second to none. You will always have a convenient and quick way to communicate with us...

  • Highest quality EU grown products.
  • Quick online and phone customer support.
  • Complete customer satisfaction as our goal.


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